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Details Youth-Unemployment-and-Social-Exclusion-Comparison-Of-Six-European-Countries-Psychologie-Sozialer-Ungleichheit-German-Edition

This volume draws attention to the concept of social exclusion in the context of unemployment as well as to vulnerable groups of young unemployed people with regard to social exclusion in six European countries. It is based upon the results of an ...

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Details The-social-impact-of-the-crisis-on-youth-unemployment-Comparative-study-Spain-and-Greece

The book examines the socio-economic dynamics of the current economic crisis that have affected Southern European countries in general, particularly Greece and Spain. These dynamics have caused considerable effects in social, political and cultural ...

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Details Global-Linguistic-Flows

Global Linguistic Flows Located at the intersection of sociolinguistics and Hip Hop Studies, this book moves around the world - spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas and the European Union - to explore Hip Hop Cultures, youth identities, the ...

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Details Musical-Genius-A-Story-about-Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart-Creative-Minds-Biographies

Musical Genius A musical prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began playing the piano and composing when he was just three years old. Able to play multiple instruments, among them the piano and violin, Mozart spent much of his youth touring European ...